Sweet Home: Chicago

If I haven't already made it too obvious, I'm living in Chicago...I'm not from Chicago. These are two very different things. That I learned when I was in college.

When attending a state school in Illinois, if you bump into someone who is actually from the city of Chicago, they'll gladly let you know that kids who are born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, are definitely not from the city.

One encounter and boom, street cred banished.

However, growing up on the mean streets of Downers Grove, IL can teach you a few things; for instance, if you’re looking for something fun to do, simply head a couple towns over...you'll surely find something entertaining there.

Now, now…before you start thinking I'd bore you talking about how I was raised in Downers Grove, I should let you know that I have zero idea the direction this blog will be going.

So, hold on tight, close your eyes (could be necessary – we don’t know yet), and come along for the ride.


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